PFR TOKEN SWAP ONGOING - Old tokens in Client & Escrow will automatically convert to the new token until February 11.
During the swap (converting the old PFR token to the new PFR token) on platform - until February 11, the withdrawal of PFR tokens will be closed.
Thank you for your understanding and follow our news.

Payfair About us

PAYFAIR is a decentralized Escrow platform and p2p exchange which ensures the paramount security of all cryptocurrency transactions made between two parties.

Announcement: From May 2021 Payfair is becomming part of the Bitcoin Revolution platform. Learn more about Bitcoin Revolution:

Our Story

Bitcoin Revolution is the brainchild of a talented team of seasoned financial experts and brokers. Together with some of the best software developers in the field, we worked tirelessly to create the world’s most accurate cryptocurrency trading app.

Our collective experience with the forex market is what motivated us to find a lucrative way to trade Bitcoin and other cryptos like a pro. We wanted a piece of financial software that catered to the needs of both experienced investors and newbies, allowing them to trade 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year without any breaks or interruptions.

Together, we envisioned an app that analyzed the market and identified investment opportunities automatically. And when we didn’t find what we wanted on the market, we created our own.

This is how Bitcoin Revolution started out, but this should by no means imply that developing it was a piece of cake. In fact, it took months of programming and dev tests before we finally had a product that we were proud to call our own.

Nevertheless, the effort put into this passion project was reflected from the very first live test. We were already expecting the first rendering of the Bitcoin Revolution app to work, and do it well at that, so it wasn’t too big of a surprise when it did. Still, the elation of seeing a project of this magnitude come into fruition and succeed was unmatched.

With every update, Bitcoin Revolution became better and aged like a fine wine. This is why we are now the proud creators of the industry’s leading cryptocurrency trading software.

Our Software

The Bitcoin Revolution software grew into the most renowned market leader among its competitors for a good reason. Its state of the art functionalities remove human error from the trading process by design, ensuring that no time is wasted by fear or emotions. Instead, the app works round the clock to assess forex opportunities and find profitable investment windows for you.

Our algorithm calculates trends and delivers accurate results faster than the human mind ever could, and it does so with accurate results. This is possible due to the fact that a piece of computer software will never second guess its decisions or let frustration and bias stand in its way. Thus, the main perk of Bitcoin Revolution will always be that it can keep its cool when and if you can’t.

Of course, this does not equal guaranteed success in all cases. The cryptocurrency market is as volatile as Bitcoin itself, with constant ups and downs. In spite of its recent stability, it comes as no secret that nothing in this lifetime is set in stone. The Bitcoin Revolution website does not promote fake bots or scams, which is why you will never find inflated success stories of people who became millionaires overnight. In reality, there is no such thing.

Instead, the Bitcoin Revolution platform was designed as a genuine means of obtaining a stable income. Joining our app is your one way ticket to a life of luxury, but we can’t promise it will be immediate. Nonetheless, trading cryptos is the most profitable financial experience you can have right now.

What Bitcoin Revolution stand for is first of all a dedication to reliability, trustworthiness, and transparency. This is why our software is 100% legal, secure, and regulated by the government. We comply with all the relevant financial requirements that apply to the field, which is how we keep our customer base happy and wealthy.

What is more, all the members of our team, as well as the software’s original founders and developer are fully background checked. In this way, we ensured that you will always deal with true industry professionals only. There is no place in the Bitcoin Revolution team for people are are anything short of authentic experts.

Investing in Bitcoin Revolution doesn’t take a huge toll on your finances. In fact, doing so comes quite cheap when considering that you can fund your account with a sum as small as $250 dollars for an initial capital. And perhaps the best part about the entire process is that we don’t charge any fees either. Opening an account and engaging in cryptocurrency transactions is completely free.

There are no handling fees or hidden taxes perceived on our end. Every single cent you invest is yours, as is the entirety of the profits you make. If we were to use just three simple words to describe Bitcoin Revolution, those would be safe, easy, and cheap.

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